Zeinab Hijazi

Cohort: YLP 5 (2019)

My name is Zeinab, I’m 22 years old. A translation and interpretation LIU graduate currently studying my master’s degree abroad in Ruhr UniversityBochum in Germany, I work as a teacher, freelance translator, and aiming to become a successful entrepreneurship female coach empowering women and inspiring them to aim and reach high. Although I am more likely a business lady and totally obsessed with leadership and entrepreneurship, I chose to study translation for my love of traveling and languages, cultures and freedom. Also, as a book lover, I was always stuck between my passion towards reading and books, and the high costs of them which prevented me from affording myself every book I wanted. Thus I created my online bookshop a year ago “Owlzee Bookshop”, it included a website collecting more than 30,000 books of different varieties, in addition to affording very exclusive services as trading books.

About the Alumni experience

It was literally fruitful. My participation in the UNDP Youth Leadership Programme was one of the best opportunities I have had in my entire life. Not only because knowing amazing friendly and helpful trainers, but also meeting many inspiring youths from different backgrounds all together collaborating, discussing, sharing ideas and innovative projects and making a new cycle of ambitious friendships. This participation nourished my CV and helped me applying to the worldwide Erasmus joint program and master’s degree in humanitarian aid with NOHA and getting accepted among thousands of applicants, and also aiming to become a more powerful empowered female and inspiring other females around me to run their own businesses and make their own path in life.

About the Alumni Project: Owlzee Bookshop

Enhancing GOAL 4: Quality Education

Owlzee Bookshop is an online bookstore that aims to afford books to all the readers around Lebanon no matter what their financial situation is. We collaborated with around 15 publishing houses affording a variety of 300000 titles of different domains and for different ages as children, teenagers and adults in different languages. We developed our services and created a website which is due to the current situation offline. The website includes innovative services as trading your old used books with new ones from our store, and our library sells these high quality used books in very low discounted prices to the readers. In addition to book reviews, feedbacks, reports, quotes and a section for authors and book bloggers. When we joined YLP youth leadership programe, we were working on inventing our own book vending machine that will be placed in some selected universities in Lebanon which includes a collection of educational high-cost books to be available for rent, as for adding this renting service on our website on selected books with low delivery costs. No successful project has no wings, and so my owl “ZEE, I’m sure it will grow and fly and deliver books all over the world for readers on every spot out there.