Michel El Daccache

Cohort: YLP 1 (2015)

I am Michel El Daccache. A Lebanese political activist and the President of a local NGO called Leadership for Sustainable Development (LSD). I have a Political and Administrative Sciences educational background from the Lebanese University. I believe that the youths are the key of change in the political life through their participatory role within its several aspects, and provides his expertise to empower and build their leadership capacities for an effective impact towards a better future.
I volunteered in several NGOs believing that in this regard, it is a mission and fulfilling purpose to work hard for achieving it. I started with the Forum for Development Culture and Dialogue (FDCD) as Peace-building and Conflict Resolution Officer and got promoted as Youth Program Coordinator till 2016 and he continues to cooperate with the FDCD.
I participated in many international conferences and workshops (Spain, Malta, Germany, United States, Tunisia, Jordan, UAE and others…) tackling the Youth participation in their diverse societies and their challenges on different levels. Therefore, I earned several international awards in this regard and raised up Lebanon on the international level.
I am active in Lebanon within its diverse religious groups and communities for several years and work in the youth spirit with my slogan: “There is no future for us as Youth without Us, We are the key to change”.

About the Alumni experience

Participating in the YPL1 Project that was held in Jordan, it was a turning point for me on the personal and professional level. This project helped me to crystallize my thoughts and highlighted the benefits and need of founding my Leadership for Sustainable Development – LSD organization with a group of youths who believe in its mission and working on the Leadership level of the youths as its name shows.
In addition, it was a golden opportunity for me to network and connect with colleagues and experts who are now leading several initiatives and organizations and projects in their countries where we are still connected till present and sharing our different success stories and partnerships! It’s unbelievable, we have been a MENA Family! Sharing personal and professional challenges from different cultures and experiences! I am very grateful of UNDP and this YLP Project of 2015.

About the Alumni Project: Leadership for Sustainable Development

Enhancing GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

Leadership for Sustainable Development is leading several programs in Lebanon and the Mena region as well as EU partnerships.
We are working on different SDG goals and especially on Peace-building and Conflict transformation, Human Rights Advocacy as well as Citizenship and Civic Engagement.
LSD earned several awards and recognitions from governemental and municipalities and international organizations for its impact on the youth towards their political participation and challenges.

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