Mariam Mohammad

Cohort: YLP 4 (2018)

Mariam Mohammad, 20 years old Palestinian refugee in Lebanon. She is a second year undergraduate Medical Laboratory Sciences student at Beirut Arab University. Mariam is the Co-Founder of Alam w Mahay, an initiative to erase illiteracy among street children Lebanon and introduce volunteerism among youth. Her determination to help her community is clear from all the work she did with the 10 NGOs she works within Lebanon such as Red Cross, Foodblessed, LOYAC… Internationally, she worked with the World Health Organization to draft a resolution concerning mental health services in Lebanon which were sent to the Ministry of Health in Lebanon as a part of the national mental health program. And with Hult Prize Foundation -the world’s largest competition to solve the world’s toughest social challenges- She was the director for two university campuses, and an intern later on.

About the Alumni experience

Two years ago,I stumbled upon the Youth Leadership Program, and while reading the description I was thinking; it’s my chance to improve, and do impact. So I applied. The transformation I undergo through this program was tremendous. The way I think, speak, act and communicate all advanced and improved for the better. At YLP I had the chance to meet other leaders like me, that want to change Lebanon and the world for the better. For me, being in such a motivational, encouraging and inspiring environment pushed me later on after the program to do more and motivate people around me to start improving and aiming to do change. This opportunity stimulated me to unleash my potential even more, learn different skills, and be more innovative. One of the opportunities YLP offered is YLP inc, in which I was able to develop my startup to a whole new level, network with experts and have sharper idea about how I’m going to implement it.

About the Alumni Project: Aura

Enhancing GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being

Aura is a mobile app the will solve the ambulance delay in Lebanon. By providing a link between the person who is having a medical crisis and the medical attention he needs. Via sending the location through the application, the location will be delivered to the nearest hospital, medical staff or first aid provider. The medical response would be only maximum of 7 minutes away from him by foot. Adding to the main service Aura has two more services over the coming years. First is an offline platform to know how to act in minor medical crisis mode such as burns, minor bleeding… The second is an online platform for the people who can’t afford to go to doctors, they will have the opportunity to talk to them, and get their advice. So aura will be able to decrease death rate by saving lives, help underprivileged and spread the knowledge of first aid and basic life support.