Malak Bazzi

Cohort: YLP 5 (2019)

Far from the south, all the way to the top 5 finalists at the YLP5, my commitment and my persistence was the key, I hold a master degree in educational management.As a teacher my teaching philosophy is simple as pie: passion, patience and persistence, not in teaching but also in life. As a victim of Bullying trying every day to change the way her students react with each other, always tell them that our lives should be a balancing act has less to do with pain and more to do with beauty.

About the Alumni experience

One of my favorite things about YLP experience was connecting to group with like minded people at the same time who will totally different from me, so i was able to get inspired also,able to get that support.This program is a place to youth to express themselves.
The workshops that i have attended in this program help me to gain and shape new skills, boost my self confidence, express my self on a different level with different people from different backgrounds, The program offer me an opportunity not to change my ideas but also my way of thinking and the most important my personality in a very remarkable way.

About the Alumni Project: The Red Bee

Enhancing GOAL 4: Quality Education

the project target the problem of BULLYING in Lebanon, it’s a wristband that detect bullying in schools, where all children in school will wear this wristband when he/she experience bullying all they have to do is to press the button on the wristband ,which will be connected to red bee application on the phone of the social worker in each school, a notification will pop up on the phone recording the name of the student who have been bullied, the time and the date .
The project is targeting the children between he age of 7-16, all over Lebanon (private and public schools). Parents, NGO.
the project seeks to reduce bullying in schools and its negative effects, “NO CHILD IS LEFT BEHIND “.

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