Farah Nasrallah

Cohort: YLP 5 (2019)

My name is Farah Nasrallah, I’m a Lebanese university student. Proudly, I consider that I worked hard to build every brick in my life. I started working at the age of 17, and I paid for my higher education, and for all my training. I consider continuous learning is the key of success in life. I do not stop when I set my mind to something. In a country that considers your university is a prestige, and you parents relations are a key to get a job, I managed to get a job and develop throughout my career without nepotism nor graduating from a prestigious university.
I am passionate about reversing a sad face into a happy one. As they say, give “Give a Man/woman a Fish, and You Feed Him/her for a Day. Teach a Man/woman To Fish, and You Feed Him/her for a Lifetime”

About the Alumni experience

The participation made me sure that I need to continue working in my project and not to give up Till now I did not get a real opportunity it is only the benefits that we are receiving when we learn new things during the training. Since my project is not initially money oriented I have to change it to a sustainable one in order to reach the goals, however the economic and the novel covid-19 disrupted the activities.

About the Alumni Project: Mawared Kamenah NGO

Enhancing GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

As said that teaching a man/woman how to fish you’ll feed him/her for a life time, therefore I wanted to support and give the unfortunate youth the key to have a successful life through solving the unemployment problem and targeting SDG 8. The aim of the project is to give training of soft skills and information sessions about the jobs needed in the market for highschool and university students from the public sector and semi-free schools, to be guided on what to specialize, how to get a job, and to help them get a job by matching them with employers. In parallel, to be sustainable, same information and sessions will be given to students from the private sector for a small fee in order to cover the cost of the free sessions, and the market research. The market research will be conducted to know what are the most needed jobs in Lebanon, then information sessions will be given to help students take the decision about their career. In the same time students will be trained on skills needed to be an attractive employee in the market, and finally help them to get a job.

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