Daniel Abi Fadel

Cohort: YLP 4 (2018)

I’m Daniel Abi Fadel, Civil Engineer graduated from the Lebanese university. I started giving private lessons to school and university students since I was 18. This experience made me understand that students learn at different paces and have different progress rates. This reality incented me to find a practical solution that will create a positive impact on different scales.

About the Alumni experience

During my teaching journey, I realized that most of the students are not succeeding at school due to a huge communication problem between school teachers and students. Tutoring was an effective solution, but it wasn’t solving the source of the problem at schools. When I came up with a startup idea for that can solve this problem I faced many difficulties to understand and identify my starting point in this project. The UNDP Youth Leadership Programme was an exceptional opportunity where I was guided and assisted by a professional team and I was able to move from the idea phase to the testing phase in a few months.

About the Alumni Project: E-SCOLA

Enhancing GOAL 4: Quality Education

E-SCOLA is an educational service that promotes online learning. Teachers can provide us the digital (PDF, PPT, Word, etc.) or paper-based version of a lesson/chapter/book and within 24 hours, E-Scola team will convert the quiz into an autocorrected and interactive quiz form. Auto-corrected quiz link will be sent to the students via any educational platform used by the teacher (Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp …). The precious time wasted on grading exams will be saved!! The quizzes are auto-corrected immediately, and each student will receive his/her grades following the submission. In addition, teachers will have free access to a statistical analysis of the overall class performance as well as the individual performance of each student. They can also examine the performance at a micro level (question by question) or at macro level (overall quiz).